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Shane has outstanding customer service skills. He instantly welcomed us in and gave feed back about different products they carry in store. I signed up for the rewards program because of the awesome deals they provide everytime you come in. Anyway, Shane helped us find the right dog hemp oil we need to calm our pet. After trying everything for our dogs separation anxiety, we have noticed that he is content and bath time is calmer.Thank you! I started taking CBD a year ago due to extreme pain in my back and neck. It took about a month to figure out the right dose and mix of products that worked best for me. I have been pain free for close to a year now, as well as opioid free. I finally took control of my life and it was the best decision I have ever done. I honestly don't know where I would be without the people at the Your CBD Store Spring location. They are extremely friendly and truly want to help others improve their life. I came in today for my normal products and they had brand new CBN Gummies and Tea for sleep. I cant wait to try these new Products. I highly Recommend this store and the Sunmed Product Line. Thank you for all of your help over this last year.

The SunMed Products here have really helped me take control of my life. I have been living with back pain for 15 years now. I’ve had several back surgeries and have tried a lot of different medication to help my pain. When I tried the sun med CBD products for the first month I was completely shocked by the results. I currently use the strawberry tincture oil, 900mg water soluble and the topical creams. After 15 years of living in pain, I am pain-free! The products here are top-of-the-line. They are friendly and patient with all of my questions. If you’re curious about Cbd this is the place to go.

My mother recently got diagnosed with cancer and her pain is un bearable at times. I came to your CBD store with zero expectations of pain relief. Ally took her time to explain all the different products they offered. She was very patient with all of my mothers questions, and when she gave her a sample of the topical cream my mom tried to bend down and put it on her self but couldn’t. She immediately without question grabbed a chair for my mom helped her sit down and even helped her put the cream on her foot. The level of customer service provided today is not something that happens in this world anymore. To say I am impressed is an understatement. The Topical cream worked for my mom within five minutes of putting it on in the store. We also bought the SunMed Above Delta 8 Tincture, it has already helped her pain. My mom is a very hard women to please and when she walked out of the store smiling I knew they earned a customer for life. Thank you for being so kind to my mom. Great product and service! Shane was very helpful at finding the right product for our pup. Would recommend for you and your pup. This is CBD that works. Thank you (he got carried away with the photo opt lol)I’m

 Excellent customer service and very informative with my questions and concerns. I came in with a slight headache; Shane gave me  a water soluble sample, and by the time I left out the headache was gone. I will most definitely be back. Thank you!

This review has been a long time coming. I took my time to make sure they actually worked - about a year. This place, these products, have completely changed my quality of life. I’ve tried so many different products to help with my chronic pain and nothing worked even moderately as well as these have. When I was studying for the hardest test of my life and couldn’t concentrate due to lack of focus, sleep, and chronic pain, I had finally decided to try a mixture of different products from this store and put myself on a sort of regimen (CBG Rich Neuro Water Soluble, 2000mg Topical Cream, Full Spectrum Oil Tinctures USDA organic, Vegan Gummy Bears Full Spectrum).  I have to thank these products and the owners of this store for allowing me to decrease my pain and increase my focus, which influenced me to make a high score on my test and get into all of the schools of my choice. I will definitely stock up on as many of their priceless products as I can before heading to school in another state. Thank you again for creating such high quality CBD products and always having the best customer service every time I come in.  *I’d recommend going inside and having the owners explain things to you as the science is interesting and can be a little hard to understand on your own. 

just got to Houston from Sacramento California. this is the first place I came.perfect customer service and great products.clean store and chill comfortable atmosphere.

 It’s a wonderful family owned location. Shane and his family are always so welcoming to me. They are so willing to share knowledge of their products and how to utilize properly.  Aside from my own products I get there, the CBD tincture for dogs and it has worked wonders for my Dog izzie. She has had seizures her whole life, but Since I have had her on CBD, I haven’t seen a seizure yet and she has renewed energy.  I have my girl back.   Thanks to CBD spring for helping me understand about the benefits. I will always be a customer.